Survey for people interested in doing business with the Dutch in Korea

There are two different Dutch organizations in Korea that organize social and business-like activities. The Dutch Business Council Korea organizes business activities, and the Dutch Club Hendrick Hamel is responsible for social activities. 

Membership of the DBCK is for everyone who works in a Dutch affiliate in Korea as well as for all other Dutch people who work in Korea.

Membership of the Hamel Club is for everyone who speaks Dutch and/or who sympathizes with The Netherlands or the Dutch.

Beneath you’ll find a number of questions of which we would like to know your opinion, and learn whether or not there is a need for either one of the above-mentioned activities and/or there is a need for membership in one or both organizations.

You can grade the questions in order of importance to you as follows. 

1. Not necessary  2. Neutral  3. A bit important  4. Important  5. Very important.